Roots & Routes

Immigration is a web of stories about people, families, and relationships. This page is devoted to mapping genealogies of Franco-Americans and their families. If you would like to map your own genealogy, see the resources at the bottom of the page.

Current Genealogy Data:

All Families:

The map below shows the two most complete ancestor trees that have been submitted to Franco Maine Stories so far. They represent the child-parent connections between family members; only the direct ancestors of each source person are included.

Ancestors of Joseph Pilon:

This is a more complete look at the family of Joseph Pilon. These products are still under development. If you would like a customized map of your genealogy, please contact Franco-American Programs at the University of Maine.

Map Your Ancestors:

Creating an interactive map of your ancestors isn’t as straightforward as you’d think, but it is possible with just a little dedication!

Please contact the authors if you would like to join our immigration mapping efforts.

The tutorial below gives a good primer on what is involved in the process. If you would like to try to map your ancestors, you should have:

  • Birth, death, and/or marriage records.
  • A genealogist, historian, or other set of resources to help with research.
  • As many primary documents as possible.
  • An internet connection.

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