Franco-Americans of Maine, Then and Now is a collaborative effort between many people and organizations. This project is funded by a generous grant from the Maine Bicentennial Commission to visualize the history, genealogy, and heritage of Maine’s Franco-American community.

Susan Pinette

I am a Professor of Modern Languages and Literature and Director of Franco American Programs at The University of Maine. I was born and raised in Maine; I received my doctorate in French at the University of California, Irvine. My research examines contemporary Franco American literature, where I show its significance to the broader arenas of North American Francophone communities and American studies.

Lisa Desjardins Michaud

I am originally from Van Buren, a small town in Northern Maine and relocated to the Bangor area in 1994. I am both of Acadian and Quebecois descent. I spoke French and English growing up. I have been at the Franco-American Centre since 1996. I am currently the Coordinator of Community Engagement and Managing Editor of Le Forum.  I digitized our Oral Histories; I organize cultural events at the Franco-American Centre and host community guests weekly; and I organize genealogy workshops for campus and community.  I research genealogy for those interested in their roots.  I provide translations, translating documents, writings and other materials as needed.

Erin Best

Erin is an FLAS Fellow and candidate for a Master’s Degree in History at the University of Maine; she is also the Vice President of the HGSA. Her research in Franco-American communities centers around social and cultural changes throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

Dylan Smart-Pelletier

Dylan is a student at the University of Maine. He is currently in his first year and studying to become a French teacher.

Emily Meader

Emily works as a database and design assistant at Rhumb Line Maps, a GIS and cartography consulting firm located in midcoast Maine. She also works at Skidompha Library as part of their development and genealogy teams. She’s thrilled to be included on a project that intersects so many of her interests!

Ben Meader

Ben works as the director of Rhumb Line Maps, a GIS and cartography consulting firm located in midcoast Maine. Although our team cannot claim Franco-American heritage, we were thrilled to be asked to help get this storytelling and dynamic cartography project off the ground. Our team has consisted of many members, and it is our hope that this project continues into the future.

For more information about Maine’s Bicentennial, please visit: www.maine200.org

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