Development Team:

Susan Pinette

Director of Franco American Programs,
University of Maine

I am a Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures and Director of Franco American Programs at The University of Maine. I was born and raised in Maine; I received my doctorate in French at the University of California, Irvine. My research examines contemporary Franco American literature, where I show its significance to the broader arenas of North American Francophone communities and American studies.

LISA desjardins michaud

Coordinator for Community Engagement,
University of Maine

I am originally from Van Buren, a small town in Northern Maine and relocated to the Bangor area in 1994. I am both of Acadian and Quebecois descent. I spoke French and English growing up. I have been at the Franco-American Centre since 1996. I am currently the Coordinator of Community Engagement and Managing Editor of Le Forum.  I digitized our Oral Histories; I organize cultural events at the Franco-American Centre and host community guests weekly; and I organize genealogy workshops for campus and community.  I research genealogy for those interested in their roots.  I provide translations, translating documents, writings and other materials as needed. 

Ben Meader

Content Editor,
Rhumb Line Maps

I am the sole proprietor and director of Rhumb Line Maps, LLC. I grew up and went to school in New England where my passion for the outdoors, human geography, and navigation guided me to a degree in Geography at Middlebury College. After working as an Assistant in Science Instruction at my alma mater for two years, I worked abroad in Mongolia in the fall of 2013. I then moved home to Maine and began contracting. I have always had a love for languages and learning about different cultures.

Emily Meader

Assistant Cartographer,
Rhumb Line Maps

I am a graphic designer and content creator with a love for travel, history, and folklore. I moved to Cambodia for four year but after arriving back in the states, I began contracting with Rhumb Line Maps. I became a full-time member of the Rhumb Line Maps team in 2021.

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