Life Along the Rails — Armand Vachon on Love & Work Between Quebec & Maine

3 thoughts on “Life Along the Rails — Armand Vachon on Love & Work Between Quebec & Maine”

  1. What a great story! The times for them were hard but they worked together. It was also interesting to learn about working for the railroad.

  2. Loved it! You guys did a great job! Loved the photos, narration, and hearing the Vachons sharing their memories. My Dad passed away to Josée’s version of the Ave Maria Feb.24th, 2006. My Mom passed away 10 days later listening to Josée’s other version of the Ave Maria. I still have her cassette tape! Thank you for sharing! Brought back so many memories of my French Canadian/Acadian relatives. My Dad’s Dad was lumberjack and my Mom’s Dad worked in the paper mill in Winslow.
    I’ll pass your story along to my relatives, since they love hearing about their French Canadian roots.

  3. I come from 5 generations of railroad workers, all French Canadian, the railroad work brought them to Maine where they stayed. my father worked on the Maine Central before WW2, then went off to war and came back to a job with the Maine Central, along with his brother. One of my brothers, born in 1950 retired after 30 years working for the railroad, as did one of our cousins, and a cousin’s son in law is now also working on the Railroad. The beat goes on!

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